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Bringing consumers in contact with new products and technology, interactively narrating the story of the brand, turning a brand into an experience and supporting sell-out initiatives are all part of our brand activation strategies. Creative concepts and professional executions are the tools we use to positively influence both consumer and retailer buying behavior.

We’re always on the lookout for the activation that best fits both the target group and the focus product.

  • Consumer Activation
  • Retailer Activation
  • Sell Out Support

We develop interactive trainings that cover a variety of topics in a format that is perfect for the target group you’re trying to connect with. Regardless of whether it’s the introduction of new products, technology updates, the application of marketing strategies or general sales training, we get the target group’s attention and transfer exactly the knowledge that they need. We have a great number of training options ranging from training camps, the creation of training materials, as well as the creation of brand and product-specific e-learning courses.

  • Expert Training
  • Training Tools
  • E-Learning

A consistent, uniform brand presentation at the point of sale is essential as it allows brands to establish an overall level of recognition and positively influence consumer buying behavior. We provide on-site retail support to ensure high-quality brand and product presentations using our retail space management services. This includes, but is not limited to, designing retail areas, creating unique retail and product display elements, developing graphic concepts as well as the implementation of digital brand communication.

  • Visual Merchandising
  • Digital Communication
  • Retail Design

We create retail solutions in all shapes and sizes for our clients, ranging from simple storefronts to unique pop-up sales experiences.

Our agency offers a full range of services to assist in planning, executing and reaching our clients’ retail goals.

Full-service packages often include property scouting, shop design, goods management, the acquisition of sales systems as well as on-site employee training.

  • Permanent Store
  • Pop Up
  • Sales Services

Events are a sustainable, yet emotional channel through which a customer can personally experience a brand. Showrooms, trade fairs, reatiler incentive programs, product launches and consumer activation activities are our bread and butter. We take on the complete project, creatively tending to our clients’ needs and catering to their expectations from A to Z. Our vast experience gives us a clear advantage when it comes to even the smallest of details and ensures smooth project management processes that culminate in a high-quality execution.

  • Brand Events
  • Hospitality
  • Trade Fairs

A brand’s image is clearly shaped by the individuals representing it at both the point of sale and during on-site events. Regardless of whether flexible teams are required for regional activities or if professional, long-term services are needed for key accounts, we have the right people, full of energy and motivation, to get the job done.

Regularly-scheduled training sessions keep our brand experts up-to-date on products and campaigns, making them the perfect brand representatives wherever and whenever needed.

  • Retail Experts
  • Event Experts
  • Brand Ambassadors