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One of our greatest strengths is the flexibility and efficiency of our brand ambassadors. These are typically students with a variety of interests who represent the brands of our clients at the Point of Sale. Thanks to the high-level of training we provide, our Brand Ambassadors are best prepared to provide the consumer with detailed product information and professional consultations at all times. Regularly-scheduled training workshops based on the latest products and technologies serve to keep our Brand Ambassadors best prepared for their influential role at the POS.

It is their positive presence on the retail floor, combined with consumer activation activities that can turn a quick shopping tour into an unforgettable brand experience for the consumer. Due to the constant communication and close working relationship maintained between cip Brand Ambassadors and the permanent cip staff, we often look no further than our own pool of Brand Ambassadors when it comes to filling open positions in various parts of our company – a true recipe for success!