Virtual Footwear Wall

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Project Description

The Virtual Footwear Wall is a sales tool equipped with a touchscreen that offers customers an innovative and interactive shopping experience. The customer can use the screen to access product information, 3-D animated views of featured items as well as videos related to select adidas products.


The wall creates an innovative platform for consumers to experience an exciting mix of shopping and product information. Four large screens allow the consumer to enter a spectacular, virtual world where they can encounter adidas products in an extraordinary way.
Our task was to organize and coordinate a global training tour to ensure the successful integration of the walls. A great emphasis was place upon the explanation of the technical hightlights as well as the execution of a tool-specific customer service training tour for the in-store sales staff.


Professional organization and execution of employee training sessions, schooling the correct and effective use of the wall technology, were provided by cip trademarketing for a total of 60 specific retailers in 16 different countries. Directly after the customer service training session, our Brand Coaches remained on-site to provide the staff with additional sales support. This was done in order to increase the sales of adidas products and also to help apply and reinforce the training information provided to the staff during the previous session. A detailed documentation of the system setup and the creation of a user handbook rounded off cip’s services.
In addition to the technical training workshops conducted, it was also cip’s job to generate enthusiasm for the products as well as for the brand adidas among members of the local sales team.


The four large screens that make up the wall not only give consumers the chance to interactively learn about adidas products, they also provide a platform for directly sharing their experiences with friends on Facebook or over Twitter.

Client: adidas AG
Locations: Retailers in 16 countries, worldwide
Timeframe: May 2013 onwards
Participants: 60 retailers


Project Details